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On Memorial Day Weekend 2005, my best friend graduated from the US Air Force Academy and asked me and my other friend to come out for it. So we decided to fly out to Colorado Springs, stay a couple of days there and then drive his car back to New York. We took a cheap flight out to Denver via JetBlue Airlines (back when they used to be reliable and cheap) and caught a ride from there to Colorado Springs with some of our friend’s family. The air in this place is very thin, so our first day was wrought with breathing abnormalities, but not enough to ruin the atmosphere.

The place that his family was putting us up at was this phenomenal resort called the Broadmoor Hotel ( in the heart of Colorado Springs. What a place! I mean, if you have the means, I highly recommend it. Here there is a bar that used to be in New York, then was packed up, and rebuilt out there just for the Broadmoor called the Golden Bee. They have gigantic yard glasses that you fill with beer and there is a signing piano man who plays Piano Man. We had a really great time.

Anyway, back to the road trip. After spending a couple of days in Colorado Springs, we drove into Denver, rented a hotel room and prepared our journey back to New York. First though, we decided to blow off some steam in Denver by exploring the city and trying out all of the bars. After waking up with a decent hangover, we headed off to the Coors Brewing Company in Golden and did the tour. It was very informative and fun because they give you fresh Coors that’s only maybe a minute old. I was a very cool experience. After that, we trekked over to the Red Rocks Amphitheater to soak in the nations only completely natural Amphitheater. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a show going on at that time (I have heard the best shows are at Red Rocks) but the place was still awe inspiring.

As the noon day sun raced over head, we thought it was time to get rolling, so we packed up our stuff and jumped on Interstate 70 East towards St. Louis. After arriving in St. Louis just after the sun lost its battle to the night, we found a hotel way off our price meter, but with one hitch. This hotel, The Adam’s Mark (, located across the street from the Arch, and had last minute rooms for rent for only $99. Not a bad deal considering this place is one of those 4-star hotels you always hear about, and what a place! They really cater to the customer, no matter how important they are. Also, the hotel is located right across from the dock strip where all of the bars are located. Now this is a strange place, because when we were there, it felt like every engaged woman in the tri state area came to this strip of bars for their bachelorette parties. No joke, we saw at least 35 different brides to be and there entourages. This was definitely a fun strip to grab some good barbeque and cheap drinks.

The next day, we peeled ourselves out of bed, and headed over to the Budweiser Brewery to see if they stood up to the Coors tour. And they did, but they weren’t as hospitable. After that though, we jumped back on the I-70 to Cincinnati, swung a left on the I-71 North to Cleveland. I had always wanted to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, so we detoured a bit and checked it out. What a unique structure for a building, resting right over the water while the base is on land. And the building is covered in glass and full of some of the coolest things a rock-minded person would enjoy. That night, we stayed in a crappy motel outside of Cleveland (it was cheap) watched some TV and detoxed.

The following morning we arose with the feeling of just wanting to be home, so we drove form Cleveland back to New York in one go by following Interstate 80 across. Unfortunately, we were slowed down in Pennsylvania by a truck accident that shut the highway down for three hours. Finally, after passing through New Jersey, we arrived home to the warm comfort of the stale New York air. I couldn’t wait to get into a bed that was crisp with starch, but broken in like my own. Also it was so nice to be out of the car. But I would do it again in a heart beat. Everyone should experience at least one road trip through our country. Enjoy yours!

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