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Family Trips..Why?

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

It never fails that we always want to go on trips with our families and at the time it sounds great and you think it is going to be so much fun. Right? Then, doesn't it always figure, you get lost and the day just doesn't get any better. We left Pennsylvania and got within 15 minutes of the Cleveland Zoo and, it figures, we got lost somehow, someway. After going into downtown Cleveland and asking about 10 different people for directions, we finally got back on track. We arrived at the zoo, only an hour behind our original planned time. It had to have been 95°. We got our tickets and proceeded into the Zoo, after walking for about an hour and enjoying the animals, we had to stop for a drink, we sat and enjoyed the shade. Then we headed off to see the rest of the zoo, after making our way along, it started to thunder. Great, it's going to rain. And that it did, within two minutes of making it into the Rainforest building, it was pouring. After we made our way through, we noticed the rain had slowed, so we took that time to head back out to the car and head home after spending five hours in the zoo. We pulled out of the parking lot and headed home, got back on the interstate and, of course, needed to get back off for gas. So we did and, it figures, that exit was the one that made it impossible to get back on the interstate, so after asking about 10 more people how to get back on the interstate, we did and found out it was the wrong one! So we ended up staying on it, and adding an extra two hours to our drive home but, hey, at least we got to see Lake Erie, too!

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