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Local mascot Photo, Telegraph Cove, British Columbia

My short trip to Telegraph Cove, believe it or not, ranks up there with a long trip to the Alaska Wilderness in terms of wildlife viewing. By the end of the trip we had seen just about everything you can see in the area besides the coveted killer whale, and that was only because the time of year was wrong.

Telegraph Cove is known around the world as having a famous killer whale route that circles right around their doorstep. During the summer months (late-June till the end of September) the waters around Telegraph Cove are prime for whale-watching on tours or by kayak. You will see minke, humpback, and killer whales. We managed to see humpback whales on our trip and I have no doubt the killer whales arrive a couple weeks later in June. When I walked to the beach in the morning with a light fog rolling in, I was almost having hallucinations of killer whales breaching in the middle of the straight because the conditions were so perfect. Unfortunately, this never happened, but with the glass-like morning waters and the surrounding white environment, you really can imagine the dark black fins rising to meet you out of the water. And you can see this at all times right from your tent door or close at hand in the kayaks!

Telegraph Cove also has Stubbs Island Whale Watching Tours if you have less time or prefer this option. Their rates are $74 per day and the website is

Along with the whales there is plenty of other marine life. We kayaked with porpoises by the dozen. Paddle quietly around the shoreline as sea lions and seals will pop up near the kayaks and lie on various rocks jutting up from the surrounding shores. They are very timid though, and won't stay around for long.

My favorite was the eagle. By the end of our trip seeing an eagle was just about the equivalent to seeing a crow around my house. There was one eagle in particular that seemed to be the local mascot, as he would fly into the harbor and perch for minutes on end as he had his photo shoot. Hint: There are multiple trees about half-way between the highway and Telegraph Cove that are stocked with eagles (like 15/tree), definitely worth it!

Last but not least is the cuddly black bear. Our trip was nearing an end without any black bear sightings and frankly we weren't expecting any...until we turned onto the dirt road leading to Cape Scott Provincial Park. We had no idea what lay ahead of us. We were seeing bears about every 10 minutes, and many times very close on the side of the road.

Telegraph Cove and the surrounding area provides all you need in terms of wildlife viewing. Rather that spend loads of money on a wildlife safari, Telegraph Cove allows you to see all you want and more for cheap as chips! Highly recommended!

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