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Ushuaia, Argentina-southernmost tip of South America

View from above the city of Ushuaia, Argentina Photo,

Ushuaia is the image of Tierra del Fuego as named by Spanish explorer Magellan. The name "land of fire" was given when he saw mysterious flames in the darkness when first passing the island. As described by some travel guides, the town feels like a wild outpost, an odd blend of modern tourism, Klondike-style boom-town and gateway to the world's last great wilderness. I would agree this is the feeling you have as you walk around town among the locals and young back-backers. I could imagine some hippies targeting this spot to hide out for a while.

Many restaurants advertised King Crab but our timing was off and most restaurants were closing early for Christmas eve.

The Museo del Fin del Mundo deserved a visit. It was very small and could be seen in less than half an hour. Sections of the museum were devoted to the aboriginal groups of Tierra del Fuego and to the first voyagers arriving into the island. Another room depicted the prison which is one of the most important historical landmarks of the city. A third room of the grocery stores which were the most important trading points in the city.

Another highlight is a visit to the post office. The letters are stamped with an exclusive seal that gives proof and testimony of it being sent from "the end of the world."

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