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When at First you don't succeed, try, try again!

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My mom wanted to take my sister and I to a place she hiked to in the mountains in Palm Springs while we were home for the weekend. Except, she had been with a friend the time before who knew the way. We're adventurers, though, so we decided to go anyway and try the hike to Murray Peak. But, when you take the road in and follow the path, it swiftly becomes a mass of several dirt paths, and wide dirt roads, all going in different directions. We tried one way, and then another, and then we gave up after awhile of feeling utterly lost, and happy to find the way back to our car. However, we don't give up that easily, my mom, at least, does not. So she took me out the next time I came to visit, and we went out to explore. We happened upon the same twisting and turning paths, but we aimed towards the direction of a massive peak, one that stands out amongst the rest, Murray Peak. After awhile, going through aimless desert trail, and visiting a beautiful desert oasis standing in a canyon along the way, we finally reach the last climb to Murray Peak. The views are worth every moment of confusion and feeling lost. You are rewarded with a feeling of being on top of the world, before buildings, before freeways, and before time. From here you truly experience being in the middle of nowhere, a moment before the modern world began.

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