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The children of Haiti are it's gold nuggets.

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

As you travel along the few dusty rural roads of the Haitian countryside and even in the similarly dusty streets of the country's cities and towns, you will notice how strikingly beautiful the children are. The children of Haiti, I would say, are Haiti's most beautiful and valuable asset. They are all gorgeous, with the biggest whitest smiles that Americans envy and spend a fortune trying to acquire. They have so much spunk, and love to laugh, but mostly they are extremely lovable and snuggly. Holding hands is a big pastime in Haiti. Many times, you will see children and grown people walking hand in hand or with their arms around each other. This affection is normal to them and they are not ashamed to express it. The children also love to play with any American's hair, male or female. They run for a comb and spend a long time arranging it in very creative coiffeurs. But beware, some of them can really get rough.

I know that speaking about children is not the thing that a tourist is wanting to hear, but I can assure you that if and when you visit you will feel the same way.

The most important thing that I learned by visiting Haiti, is that we have to leave all our American ways and pre-conceived ideas of how we think life should be lived behind in the states. If we do not, we will never have the gift of seeing a new life that may even be better than ours. After my first initial shock of seeing so much poverty, I opened my eyes internally and saw not poverty but a richness of life that we in America do not have. Simplicity and a slower pace that allows them to be more connected to the earth, sky, and all that is in between.

I now look back with shame on how I judged the Haitian people and the lack of the things I thought were important. I can see now those things are trivial. What is really important are people and family, basic survival, and a contentment for what little they have. I am going to post photographs of children faces, and more in the Haitian photo album in general. I hope you enjoy visiting the true Haiti.

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