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No Me Gusta Pedro

Plastic Kong Photo,

Since I can remember, South of the Border's giant sombrero tower always marked how close we were to my grandmother's house in North Carolina. In fact, every Thanksgiving visit, my cousins and I would look forward to riding the sombrero to the top and playing a friendly game of miniature golf at the glorious park under Pedro's watchful eye. However, year after year we began to notice the condition of South of the Border diminish. The "big hat", as we called it, eventually closed down. In the last several years, the golf course has consisted of only a few playable holes. The gift shop is up and running, complete with all the expected tacky, tourist-type merchandise.

My last visit was Thanksgiving of 2006, mostly for the sake of memories. An eerie feeling passed over me as I realized it would never be what it once was. I still read every single billboard as we left South Carolina that year. Sadly, no one will ever be able to experience South of the Border the way it was meant to be so many years ago. To get a false impression, feel free to visit their webiste at

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