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As we Close our vacation

Travel Photo by IgoUgo member

Well as we close our first two-week vacation, we have decided that it's the only way to go. After the first week, you finally get unwound, and you can start to enjoy. We went to a lot of places and did a lot of things, and just hung around the campgrounds on the days off. Bobbi got to read a lot of books—six of them—and I got to work on my cooking forum ( We had a blast. Everyone we met was just so friendly. I did learn a valuable lesson. I have been ignoring Sam's Club about their emergency road service because I had insurance on both vehicles through my insurance company. Well, I blew a tire out on the way to the campgrounds and called Geico to come out and change the tire. They said I was not covered on, (I do have fullcoverage on it), and they would find me someone to do it. They wanted $265 to come out on I-4 in Orlando and put on my spare. I did it myself then, when I got setup in the campgrounds, I logged onto Sam's Club and joined the emergency road service. It will be the best $79 I will spend this year, even if I don't have to use it. We traveled about 1900 miles during the two weeks. Even with the price of fuel and other expenses, we only spent about $1200. So, overall, this was probably one of our best camping experiences. If you are able to get two weeks off at once, do try it.

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