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Swim Time: The Pools, Hot Tubs and Beach

Lobby Pool Photo,

The seven pools at Sun Village were incredible and ranged from kid hangouts to topless to spa-like. My favorite was the upper pool by the lobby, for its view. Lounging in a chair, drink in hand, you get a spectacular look at the surrounding mountain range, the ocean, and a majority of the resort. The pools were kept at a slightly chilly temperature, but that didn’t stop them from being used.

Aside from the view, the lobby pool is adults-only. It’s the only pool with a swim-up alcoholic bar. The servers at this bar were great and since I took my own (larger!) cups with me, I made fewer trips. Since this pool is right by the lobby and theatre, I could always run right inside whenever it rained.

The Topless pool, just below the lobby pool was empty every time I walked past it. This pool is the deepest at 8 feet, but was very small and lacked a view.

The pool just below the Topless one was the shallow children’s pool, which always seemed to have a few kids on the water slide, or wading around. There was a tent right next to it which parents used as a little camp and as a shady spot for the times when the sun emerged.

The Spa pool was extremely calm. There was a nice hot tub next to it, which was never crowded or noisy.

Just below the Spa pool was the Serenity pool, which was a great spot for reading or sleeping. Quiet music gave it a surreal effect and the little huts surrounding the water held out the rain. A swim-up juice bar was a nice addition.

The last two (adult/child) pools are located just above the beach at the bottom of the resort. These Activities pools were host to multiple water sports and lessons, and were right by the Sonora Mexican restaurant, which was a buffet lunch spot during the day.

On the beach, by the Lovewrecked Bar, is a bustling spot with another hot tub.

The ocean was murky and not good for snorkeling, so if that’s what you want, don’t come here! The beach is very clean, so I would have gone swimming here a lot more if the weather was better. The only topless woman I saw the entire trip was on the beach.

A good thing to know about using the pools (beach) is that when you check in, you will receive a pool pass. This pool pass gets you a towel for the day, which must be exchanged by 6pm for a towel pass for the following day. If on no other day, make sure to return your towel the evening before you leave or you will be asked to pay $10. The only thing harder than paying $10 is leaving this amazing pool environment!

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