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Swimming in New York. Yes, an adventure

In the summer, one of the best things to do is go swimming. My favorite hot spot is Coney Island. It is full of people and sideshows and hot dogs. Coney Island is going to start changing after this summer. It is having a couple of billions of dollars thrown into it. They want a casino and fresh new shops. The charm of Coney Island though is that it has a 1940's 1950's feel to it. You can stroll down the boardwalk while stuffing a hot dog down your throat and sipping a beer and, yes, you can still swim there. I doubt that the water is that clean but it sure does feel good on a hot sticky day. Coney Island is a carnival that never left. It is kind of seedy and dirty and they have a freak show that performs. A guy hammers a large nail through his nose. Fantastic! The second best place to swim is nearby. You can walk to Brighton Beach, just a little way down the boardwalk. This is a Russian neighborhood. They have a few restaurants on the boardwalk where you can buy things like a champange class full of caviar and a plate of crepes for twenty dollars. Brighton Beach is great for people watching. Large Russian men jog by in their speedos. Always good for a little gasping. Rockaway Beach is third in line for favorite beaches in New York. The Rockaway beaches have a strange feel to them. Some of the beaches will be very populated while others will be almost abandon. The water is cleaner. Next, and this is a test for a true swimmer: the public pools of New York. Yes, indeed, the metropolitan pool in Williamsburg wins my vote. It is very interesting to swim in this pool. It is almost like walking down the streets of manhatten during rush hour but swimming. It is a unique experience. This is an indoor pool with a massive skylight. Get your goggles and swim cap and put on that tiny speedo and go, go, go.

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