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Waterman Place Photo, Vermont, United States

Shiretown Book Store
9 Central St
Woodstock Vt

I can never pass up a local independent bookstore and this was no exception. As we were passing through Woodstock I spied what was just about the only store open at 9am on a Saturday and we found a parking spot right in front.

This is a small but very well stock store with a resident black cat named Sirius Black or Mister B who will be happy to make you welcome. When we arrived he was in the process of tearing up the window display but he soon joined me in the travel section to get his pet.

The owner is very friendly and also very knowledgeable and was able to steer me in the direction of the lasted Tracey Chevalier novel which Al nicely offered to buy for me. I had already picked up a couple of interesting history books and was considering myself well satisfied. I want to point out that both the history and the travel section offered some wonderful choices and the owner even asked me to suggest some titles that they should be stocking. I suggested that the insider guides are among my favorites and she is going to give it consideration.

Fat Hat
1 Main St
Quechee VT

This is a very interesting store especially if you are in the market for a hat. I discovered it three or four years ago when I purchased a wonderful winter hat made of purple chenille which I wore all over Germany in my trip there in 2005. I wish I had thought to come up here to get my hat for the cruise. I tried on a couple there today and they have one straw one with a stretchy band inside that makes it fit tight to your head, that would have helped as I did my morning walk on the ship and had to hold my hat on with one hand.

It isn’t all about woman either, they have a nice selection of men’s hats too. There are more than just hats here, they sell cloths both men and woman’s and also some candles and scents. A really fun stop.

Antiques Collaborative
4 Waterman Place
Quechee, Vt

This is three floors of very upscale antiques. I wasn’t going to find any of my aluminum ware here however I enjoy looking at things that I can’t necessarily have. They have a wide variety of offerings including Roseville, Rookwood and Weller pottery, lots of gold jewelry, some wonderful English and Scottish sterling silver. I was quite fascinated by an almost $3,000 tea set without tray. Not all the things are as pricey, there are some beautiful butter pats that run from $30 up and some small sterling butter knives and tea straining spoons. The walls are adorned with prints and paintings from a few hundred dollars to many thousands. On the third floor I loved a French early 20th century farm table for a cool $1,800 and also a magnificent 19th century trunk the likes of which I have never seen before for $5,000.

This is a multi dealer shop and there are several book dealers and did I buy anything, well yes. I spent $4 on a passport book for my grandson Alex on learning French. Did I lust after lots of other things, you bet and I thoroughly enjoyed pretending that I could afford to buy them.

There is an elevator that can take you to all three floors if stairs are an issue.

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