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Transportation to the Port - Miami

When coming in from, or leaving Ft. Lauderdale or West Palm Airport, don't pay the outrageous taxi or cruise line van fee. If you have the time use the Tri Rail and metro rail. The Tri Rail has a website but an all day ticket to anywhere for one person is $4, you may have to take a taxi from the Tri Rail station to the port but for example if you take the Tri Rail to Miami Airport for $4 you can get a taxi for $12 a person to the port, a total of $16 versus $30 a person that the cruise line charges for transportation. This will take some time and on the weekend the Tri Rail only stops once an hour at various stations but you can check their schedule online, they have a link at the Miami airport transportation page, or do a search for Miami Tri Rail. You may have to take a city bus to get from the Tri rail station to the airport (you do at West Palm) but your Tri Rail ticket includes bus fare, we actually noticed several people doing this to get to West Palm Beach airport because it is much cheaper to fly from their than Miami in many cases. You can also spend a little less money and go from the Tri Rail transfer station to the metro rail and for $1.25 take that a little closer still to the port and pay even less for a taxi. Though to save hastle and time it is best to just go to the Miami airport. Also if you are thinking about driving remember that parking at the port costs $10 a day, a big expense when taking a 5 or more day cruise.

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