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Dining in Escondido

Out and about in Escondido there are many places from the familiar to the family owned to try. Our favorite is Spires on Valley Pkwy. with home cooking and terrific service (Brande is our favorite server). For a quick breakfast on the go we like Petersons Donut Shop on Escondido Blvd. and 9th Street, they make donuts and speciality 24 hours a day.

After 10pm the only sit down place is Dennys (Center city and Mission) with a name you easily recognize and is always consistent. (Ask for Jake as your server, he's the best!) For a little more upscale we like Applebee's on Valley Pkwy. They have the best steak around (forget Sizzler, it has gone downhill over the years). And don't forget the white chocolate Blondie for dessert. It is to die for! Hop is another one to avoid. It used to be terrific but lately the food is never the way you order and the service stinks... you never see your server after you order. We recently found a liking to Styx on Center City, it is very good, reasonable prices, quality food. And by far the best pies and coffee is Marie Callendars on 13th and Center City.

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