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5 - The Wellington Vintage Fair and Swap Meet

Wellington Antiques Fair/Swap Meet 1 Photo, New South Wales, Australia

We were up early this bright, sunny, Sunday morning and we were ready to venture out to the annual Wellington Vintage Fair and Swap Meet. We packed our bags and shut the door of our motel room for the last time as today is the last day we would be spending in Wellington this time around.

The vintage fair and swap meet is held in the local showgrounds, just ten minutes drive down Showground Road - you can't miss the place - it's big with large sheds and a spectator stand that can be seen from the road. Plenty of people were already there as the event opened at 6.30am in the morning and finishes at lunchtime. We paid our $10 admission fee and drove our car through the gates and parked where directed.

There were plenty of things to do and see:

- There were the multitude of stalls selling anything from fruit and veggie, to antique wares and car parts, to tools for all sorts of things.

- There were numerous old cars, motorbikes and trucks, from all eras, on display with car clubs from all over NSW turning up for the event.

- The steam tractors, rollers, and engines were all chugging away spilling out clouds of steam into the air.

- The Scottish Pipe Band and the Correctional Services Brass Band provided light entertainment for those who wanted to sit back and listen to the music.

- There were country and western and rock 'n' roll croners signing their songs for everyone to hear, with a number of people stopping to listen and watch.

- There was a wildlife display with snakes, lizards and the like being shown to the spectators - with plenty of photos taken of people with snakes draped around their necks.

- There were amusement rides for all - though it was mostly the youngsters getting on them.

There was something for everyone - so if you're not doing anything on the 1st Sunday of next year come on over to Wellington, New South Wales, and you can be sure you'll have a great time.

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