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Grote Staat Photo, Maastricht, Netherlands

Maastricht is the oldest city of the Netherlands with a history going all the way back to about 60 A.D. At that time the Romans built a settlement here and named it Mosa Trajectum. This means "place where you can wade through the river Mosa," which is now called the river Maas. There is still a bridge today that was built by the Romans and is still in use, almost 2,000 years later. Maastricht is a city with a rich history, and the Roman Bridge, the thermal baths, the old city walls, and the historic downtown will guide you through the centuries. Today Maastricht is the provincial capital of the province of Limburg and is located in the most southern part of the country. Life in Limburg is in many ways different than the rest of the country and they even have their own language and foods. When in the Netherlands, make sure to visit this part of the country to really appreciate the richness of the Dutch culture and history.

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