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Where in the World is Ima Hogg Buried

Hogg family plot-Oakwood Cemetery Photo, Austin, Texas

When we found out that Ima Hogg was buried in Austin we made it one of our priorities to visit her grave. On Friday we headed to the Texas State Cemetery which was beautiful and had a great map to help us find all the important grave. After our visit we headed up Navasota Street in search of Oakwood Cemetery. Oakwood is Austin’s oldest cemetery, provisions for it’s created were made in 1839 when the city was founded ad the annexe was opened in 1917. This cemetery is maintained by the city of Austin and I have to tell you there is no comparison to the state cemetery or even to privately owned Glenwood Cemetery in Houston, this cemetery has a neglected look, everything is overgrown and in a bad state of repair. The office was closed, there was no map available and so we did the impossible, we set put to find the grave on our own.

Using logic, we tried to find a large monument since the Hogg family was well to do. We drove up and down and around looking at all the large monuments, no dice. We saw some maintenance men and decided why not ask them if they knew where it was. Oh yeah, that was a good idea, I don’t think they even spoke English let alone knew who Ima Hogg was, they just gave us a funny look which we took to mean no, they didn’t know where it was.

We headed for the annexe and went slowly up and down and around every road. No Ima. Okay head to the right and start going down any row that is wide enough for a car. Finally we started to feel discouraged and I just picked a row and said go down that one. Guess what, it was a really good guess. There it was, the Hogg family obelisk, nothing too pretentious. And in front of the larger monument was a very small little stone that said Ima Hogg. A lot of work to find but Joe was very happy so it was worth it.

Now here are the directions if you ever want to find this grave. Enter the cemetery and go past the office, take the fourth street on the left, there is a Norton family monument on the corner. Three quarters of the way down on the right hand side is the Hogg family plot.

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