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Route 70 Through Kansas

Sunset in Kansas Photo, Kansas, United States

If you leave Denver, heading east on Route 70, you will run into Kansas.

Actually, it's more that you will look around and finally realize that you are in Kansas. As a matter of fact, I think that if you were to start in the mile-high city with a good push, you could probably coast down and down until you got about halfway across Kansas, where the lack of effort involved in going "flat" and "straight" would bore your car to sleep. Kansas offers no resistance.

That said, Kansas is beautiful. When we drove through, it was snowy in the fields lining the road, and the sun set and rose miles away, and you could just about see forever. I don't know how anyone from Kansas can ever stand moving away from those big, wide-open spaces into a city. If that's what you grew up with, surely anything less would give you claustrophobia?

I, however, am a suburban-type girl. I like to look out of my window and see the house across the street, not miles and miles of prairie. For me, it was a bit intimidating to look out and see so far. And where was the traffic? The other people who are supposed to be sharing the road with me? Where are the tailgaters?

We drove through Kansas in about a day, although we split it with an overnight stop in the middle. There are all kinds of interesting-sounding places advertised along the way... although I couldn't convince my husband to stop at the Museum of Oz.

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