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7 - Lucknow - Small Village with Lots to Offer

We were on our way home from Wellington and we came across Lucknow. Lucknow is a small village community located approximately 15 minutes drive east, on Highway 32, of the town of Orange. It consists of a handful of houses and small businesses and an old gold mine tourist site.

And I don’t mind telling you that there’s nothing wrong with the food and the liquid refreshments in the small western towns of New South Wales. Lucknow is home to a great little roadside drinking hole called the Goldfield Tavern and, boy, we managed to get ourselves a great lunch there.

Although the deal of the day was the roast dinner, at $9.00 per plate, Dale and I opted for a large plates of fish, salad and chips each, for $14.00 each – and we didn’t just get one large piece of fish – oh no – we got two. We topped these meals of with two midi’s of New (an Australian beer) and were in heaven.

Just down the road from the Goldmine Tavern is what appears like a small antique shop on first appearances, but looks can be deceiving. You enter the shop through the front door and browse around that front area and then you realize that there’s a back entrance that takes you further into a vast warehouse filled to the brim with antiques – from old wardrobes, chests of drawers and other furniture to old signs, pedal cars, crockery, and the likes.

If you like antiques you’ll love this place – we reckon you could spend hours in here pawing through the stuff. Further down the road there is an Art Studio – unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to go in there – there’s always next time. Just before we headed out of town, driving towards Bathurst, on the left hand side of the road we saw a large steel structure that has been fenced off. We thought we would turn off to see what it was.

It was the remains of an old gold mine. You can’t get access to the mine itself but there is a short walk you can go on that meanders around the perimeter of the fence, past plaques that give you the history of the site and the area. It’s a shame we didn’t have much time – we had a brief look and continued on – as I said before – there’s always next time.

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