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Bretton Woods

Bretton Woods offers a range of trails great for beginners to the experienced skier. I'd had a few lessons before arriving but this was my first real skiing experience and I loved it. I started on the nursery slopes but got pretty bored of that and was willing to give it a risk. The hardest bit for me was not the skiing but negotiating the ski lifts as I fell off several times, once you exit move quickly away as I got whacked on the backside and soon learnt. The slopes look pretty scary to start but actually they aren't that bad so long as you choose a suitable trail.

We did a group ski with a guide to start us off till we got the hang of the trails we wanted to use. There is a good chalet at the bottom for lunches and hot drinks. The final slope on our trail was the worst big, it's a really sharp decline and took me a long time to build up the courage, but once you realise there's no other way down, you just have to get over it. One of my friends had no control and couldn't stop but she happily skied here for 3 days just toppling at the end of each run.

There are loads of people about to give you a hand if you do get into trouble. It's about 3 hours drive from Boston. They offer night ski's which we took advantage of and I would definitely give it a try if you can. As a large party they organised a group pizza party in the chalet followed by a night ski for us. We didn't stay on site but there are places to stay. This is a beautiful site and offers top quality skiing.

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