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Pitcairn Island

Pitcairners returning to their island home Photo, Pitcairn Islands, South Pacific

The land inhabited by the descendants of the Bounty mutineers is an exquisite, high gem of an island. There are virtually no beaches and the tiny harbor at Bounty Bay can only be entered when the swells cooperate.

Adamstown is the only community. The islanders (who have an excellent website) sell stamps, honey that they claim is the most disease-free in the world, wood-carvings, and other items to the occasion visitors. There is no airstrip and the island is out of helicopter range. Only the occasional cruise ship and adventurous yachtie fetch up here.

The island offers excellent hiking, many sites related to the history of the Bounty, and a fine (recently redone) museum detailing the history of the island and the mutiny itself. Items salvaged from the Bounty that are on view include cannon and Fletcher Christian's bible. The graves of several mutineers can also be visited. A unique community as isolated as any on Earth.

Diving offshore is dependent on conditions. There is too much swell for coral to really take hold. The wreck of the Bounty lies just offshore, but there's little left to see.

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