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I could hardly believe that it's been more than five years since I first packed my bags and decided to leave home and find my center in Cebu. I remember doing it half-heartily so. Not because I didn't wanna leave home, but because it wasn't exactly where I wanted to be. Well that was before. That has taken a significant tire-screeching turn for quite sometime now. Cebu is the perfect stop--or pit stop--for weary wanderlust people. It's urbane enough to provide you with the latest update from the jungle out there, the hippest bars and clubs, the new trends and styles in fashion and the technology to get in touch with the rest of the world. As a bonus, it's got heavenly beaches and to-die-for hideaways. And listen to this--everything is cheap! Well, if you know where to find "everything" in this island.

The country's history is largely anchored on so many Cebu-based events. Its age-old traditions have been kept alive by annual festivals and continuous studies of the cultural turning points of the place. The most popular of such is the Sinulog Festival, which happens every third Sunday of January. Although it traces its origins to a pagan ritual, Sinulog celebrates the feast of Sr. Sto. Niño and also relives the first venture of the Catholic faith into the country. A melting pot indeed, Cebu is home to a long list of religious groups and practices--both pagan and theistic. This is widely manifested in the rich collection of artistic exhibits both modern and classical that this queen city of the south has to offer. And of course, there's Sinulog. Check out the place and check in to the hodgepodgey world that we fondly call Cebu.

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