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The Accident

Thursday morning dawned dull, cold, and drizzly, but it didn’t deter us from setting off for a walk. There were ten adults and four dogs in three cars and our destination was Sleaford.

As we were proceeding down the A153 having passed through Horncastle in the Sleaford direction, three cars were coming towards us, the first a 4 x 4 stopped, indicating to turn right across our path into a farm driveway. As our leader car passed a blue VW came speeding round the bend towards us, obviously couldn’t stop when seeing the queue in the road, swerved and hit the middle car of our convoy which careered into the shallow ditch at the side of the road and then back to the road with one wheel bent. The driver later said it was a good thing the car went back on the road because she couldn’t steer or stop and the bent wheel dragging on the road surface stopped it. Meanwhile the VW stopped across the middle of the road in front of our car and one of his wheels bounced off down the road.

I was in the last car with my friends’ daughter, son and son-in-law, and two dogs. The daughter was screaming because it was her aunt driving the car which had been hit, son and son in law (the latter being a fireman) ran to the car and reached it the same time as my friends from the front car, just as the four occupants (two ladies and their teenage daughters) were exiting. It was with great relief that we saw they were unhurt. The son-in-law rang the police relaying what had happened and told them to send a fire engine as the car was smoking – whereupon he immediately was told off for telling the police what to do!

Two other ladies in one of the oncoming cars not involved were talking to the young driver who had caused the accident who was making all sorts of excuses for his action. They had actually dragged him out of his car when he tried to light a cigarette. Surprisingly the police arrived within 20 minutes and took charge taking statements.

After being interviewed the young driver came to our party and apologised to the driver whose car he had hit, which nearly resulted in him being assaulted by my friend who was very upset. We just managed to hold her back and told him to keep away. He then proceeded to wander up and down the road looking for his lost wheel.

All four in our party involved in the accident were taken to hospital, checked over and sent back later in the afternoon – all had whiplash and were traumatised. The car was a write-off, so we then had to start contacting the insurance company and arranging a hire car.

Lincolnshire roads are mostly narrow winding country roads and not made for speeding and according to the man who was turning into the farm driveway many an accident had taken place at that very spot.

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