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Waterfalls and Pools

Rio Frio Polls Photo, Belize, Central America

Take a trip to see Belize's waterfalls and you'll not be disappointed. They may not be grand in scale but they are still a great day out. We took a trip organised by a company based in San Igancio. There are loads around so I would say just go with the one you like best and if there is somewhere specific you want to go get them to tailor it to you.

We started our trip with a visit to some caves and a walk through the jungle. The walk isn't too intense. There was amazing thunder that day which gave a really charged atmosphere, we'd also been warned before hand about wild pigs so we spent a lot of time looking out for them. If you are interested in wildlife there are some really good sights, look out for it though as it's easy to walk past some amazing creatures. Once out the jungle we drove to Rio Frio Pools. Our guide, decided that we were all young and fit, so dropped us at the bottom and got us to walk up. Rio Frio is made up of lots of water pools with two large pools at the top for swimming. Lots of locals come here and it's generally a good laugh. Unfortunately for me I slipped and fell into a pool covering myself in green slime, other than that it was a good visit.

After that, we visited Francis Ford Coppola's lodge, Blancaneaux, a world apart from the places I'm used to. The lodge is lovely inside and if you fancy a spot of luxury then see about stopping for lunch. We then headed for the Five Sisters. The Five Sisters is a waterfall that runs down through pools, there is a lodge overlooking the falls which serves lunch. The food is good and relatively inexpensive and the views are spectacular. We were going to visit thousand foot falls but as the weather had been so dry our guide advised us that it wasn't worth a trip. We visited one final fall, a more obvious waterfall but less interesting, unfortunately I cannot recall its name. This trip is a full day fun and if you get a good guide it can be really interesting. We broke down on the way home but it didn't dull the day and we soon managed to hitch a ride back to town. There are lots of places to stay in the Mountain Pine Ridge area great for nature buffs. If you fancy something a little more lively head to San Ignacio - see separate review.

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