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The Streets of San Francisco Part One

Crooked Hill Photo, San Francisco, California

Everywhere you look, you see a familiar sight? I was never here before. I guess I watch too much TV and the movies. From the Streets of San Francisco, to Full House, Mrs. Doubtfire , Dirty Harry, Pacific Heights, The Rock, and The Love Bug, everywhere you look in San Fran is out of a TV show or a movie. I think I covered it all.

I stayed down in the wharf so I was only a block away from the Powell and Mason Line, the renowned Cable Car. I felt like I was in the Rice A Roni commercial. For only $11 per day, you can ride all day on both lines. My ride began going up through North Beach, the Italian neighborhood then through Nob Hill, the upper crust neighborhood and then my final designation I got off at the Powell and Mason turnaround near Union Square. This area is known for its shopping. All major department stores are here. You can shop till you drop. I got back on the same line to head to the Famous Lombard St. The ride back is even better. You have a magnificent view of the bay area. I got off at Lombard to climb the steep hill to the famous Crooked Hill. What a hike. I found out I did it the wrong way. A little piece of advice, take Powell and Hyde Line and get off at Lombard and you are at the top of Crooked Hill so you walk down instead of up. I then picked up the Powell and Hyde Park line I got off near Ghirardelli Square. This area has unique shops and restaurants. Only a few blocks away I walked down to Aquatic Park and watched the crazy swimmers swim in the frigid waters. Here you get a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I needed a break so I walked back to my hotel and waited till my husband got back from work and we were on our way to see the sites by car. This time we drove down Crooked Hill, headed out the Victorian Houses you see in Full House. This is quite a trip, we had a GPS navigator system and it came in very handy. This is not on any tour route. These houses are across from Alamo Square.

From there we headed on Highway 80 and cross the famous Bay Bridge. I was a little weary taking this bridge. I still have visions of the upper deck collapsing on to the lower deck. This bridge has two types of bridges. The first part is a suspension bridge and was not damaged during the earthquake. The second part is not and that is why it collapsed. A new suspension bridge is in construction. We headed back to town and ended our day eating in a restaurant overlooking the bridge we just crossed.

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