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Service at the Resort

In every area, there seemed frequently to be a shortage of items—it seemed as if perhaps inventory in general did not keep up with demand. The second night we got back to our room and our water had not been replenished. We had started out with four bottles, which would seem adequate, but we were using it to brush our teeth even so it went fast. We called three times that evening to get more water and each time were told it was on its way. We had to take our medication with beer—there were seven bottles of that in our fridge!

Several times on arrival back to our unit, our room was not made up, but our towels were gone. It seems there were not enough towels to go around, so they had to take the towels to wash them before we could get new ones. Calling for towels did not make them come any faster. Eventually we found one of the housekeeping huts, but one time when I went there, the lady still made me wait.

Pool towels were another issue. Sometimes there were none at the towel exchange, which only opened up at 8:30 am. The strategy is to save your towel from the day before, get up early, find your favorite spot by the pool or beach, put towels, books, water bottles, shoes, etc. on a few chairs and there you go—your spot is secure.

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