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Will You Marry Him?

When we got to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, I caught sight of two love birds in the midst of a serious make-out session. I mentally rolled my eyes. Okay, okay - this is Paris, you can see a long way from up here, it's a bit cold, it's almost Valentine's Day, there are a dozen other romance factors at play, but come on. I couldn't even see their faces - both were hidden behind the hood of her jacket.

Ruud and I chatted a bit, and I glanced back at them. Yep, still at it.

We walked past them and stopped to admire the Eiffel Tower. I swear I didn't mean to look at them again, but my eyes accidently fell on them - but this time they weren't kissing. Instead, he was on bended knee, sliding a ring on her finger, saying what I'm sure were sweet things in a voice only she could hear. (Really. I tried to listen, but I couldn't catch a word.)

I nudged Ruud and gestured in their direction. He smiled and looked away. Which was the classy thing to do, right? I mean, let the couple have their moment, right? But I promise you, I watched discreetly and in pure appreciation and even honor that I got to witness such a beautiful event.

I have seen only one other proposal, and that was the one between two of my best friends, and I had known it was coming. I didn't realize that the unexpected marriage proposal between two complete strangers could be as special for me. But it was. Their lives changed before my eyes. They were both so happy.

Then they got back to the kissing.

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