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Hike Seekers in Trinidad

Everyone knows about the Trinidad Carnival (I'll post about that some other time!) and about the lovely beaches in Tobago, but they forget that Trinidad is not your average Caribbean island and there is a lot of wilderness left - especially in the Northern Range mountains where the plantations were abandoned in the 1970s and left to grow wild.

Because of the high mountains, there are spectacular waterfalls - if you know where to find them. That's where a hiking guide comes in.

If you are on a budget (who isn't?), consider going with a local guide that charges local prices.

There are several clubs and tour operators to choose from - everything from the 'Hashers' who run through the forest to the Field Naturalists (www.wow.net/ttfnc/) who take a more scientific approach and stop to smell the flowers, so to speak.

My favourite for both adventure and socialising is the Hike Seekers (www.hikeseekers.com) - the group was mostly of locals, with a sprinkling of visiting yachtpeople and tourists.

The leader, 'Snake' was an army scout and knows the land. He is always 'blazing' new trails, so every year there are new places to explore!

The hikes range from easy walks and a picnic-lunch (some of the guys carry in food, drink, and a propane cooker into the jungle). Other hikes are an endurance course, but always worth the trip! Tel: (868) 632 9746.

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