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My wife's favourite shop Photo, Lanzarote, Tenerife

Perfume is duty-free on Lanzarote and is therefore a better purchase here than either on the plane or at the alleged duty-free shops in the airport. The main perfumery shops are owned by Charlie's and there are 17 in the Puerto del Carmen area. But don't assume because they all have the same name they carry the same products or indeed the same prices. My wife decided that each store had to be checked out, although by the second or third night I was convinced this was a ploy to wear a different perfume each night the rest of the holiday. In essence they are very similar and I can't understand why one company should want to own so many similar shops on a 5km stretch. The varying sizes of each impact the range they offer. Not all of them offer an "added discount," but Charlie Perfumeria, next door to the diamond cocktail bar, will, if asked, give a generous additional discount if you buy more than one item. It is certainly well worth asking for.

It was interesting to note that in the same chain of shops sales techniques were totally different: some pounced on us as soon as we walked into the shop (don't like that); others hovered, mimicking store detectives; some waved absorbent test papers at us (surely they knew that we were "scenting up" for the evening); whilst the preferred option was the cheery "Ola” as we entered the store.

One of my wife's favourite shops was Chevere, a not overly priced jewelery and ornament shop. They have the appearance of not being mass-produced and verging on designer wear. The prices are generally very reasonable and we certainly managed to stock up with a few items for family Christmas presents. I never will fully understand the concept of window-shopping, but by the end of the fortnight, the people at Chevere would have recognised us. It has to be said, however, that we weren't the only regulars popping into this upmarket shop.

Leather belts and handbags are in abundance and you will be able to haggle the price if you're determined enough. Offering the full price is always a bad mistake on Lanzarote and you should be able to achieve at least a reduction of a third (although my starting and often finishing position is less than 50% of the asking price).

Of course Spain is renowned for its Lladro and Nao porcelain figurines. Now my wife has a penchant for these fine pieces and around Puerto there are at least four shops selling extensive selections of Nao. I know that to be a fact because we frequented each of them more than once. They all offered discounts for cash but their stocks do vary considerably, mainly dependent on what discontinued pieces they still have on the shelves.

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