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Some Foods Not to Be Missed

So I complain a lot about the food in Paris but there are a few foods that should not be missed. The crapes... these are a must have, this was my lunch of choice most of the time, there are stands all over that have them, my personal favorite is Nutella with bananas. Another thing not to miss is the waffles at the stand under the Eiffel Tower. Shaped like the waffles you would get in the US but sprinkled with sugar, very light and fluffy, a breakfast favorite, as we started nearly each day under the Eiffel Tower before heading out. For picky eaters and those going on a budget the McDonald's breakfast is perfect. The "buffet" is five euros and you get a sampling of everything they serve, yogurt, muffins, juice, and lots more, it will fill you up and at a lot less than any other breakfast we tried in Paris.

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