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Must See Capri

The Isle of Capri Photo, Capri, Italy

Capri is a beautiful small island in the Mediterranean Sea, about a 30 minute ferry ride from Sorrento.

The easiest way to get to Capri is to take a ferry from Naples or Sorrento.
Return tickets cost about 25 euros each person from Sorrento.

Once you land in Capri, you have to take the funicular up to Capri Town, or you can take a bus right from the port to the other town on the island - Anacapri, and the famous blue grotto. As another option you can board a motor boat to go around the island and access the blue grotto from there.

We took the bus straight from the port to Anacapri, switched buses and headed to the Blue Grotto. You must purchase your bus tickets at the ticket booth at the port, or you can buy them on the bus. The buses are quite small which is necessary because the roads going up the hills to the other towns are quite treacherous! The roads are narrow and very often you have a view of the ocean or hillside off the edge of a steep cliff...
In the buses, you either have to sit or stand. You will be lucky to get a seat because the driver likes to pack on as many people as can be squished onto the hot bus.

If you do not want to be crammed in like sardines, you can hire one of the convertible style white taxis to take you to your destination. The fee can be high.

Once we arrived at the Blue Grotto stop, we had to wait in line on the stairs for about an hour before getting a boat to take us. There are manager type guys at the docking area who assign a boat to the next group in line. Once you get in the boat, you pay around 8 euros each person to enter the grotto. Then, your guide casually says to you that you can tip whatever you want, 5/10 Euros... Make sure that you tip him after the trip, because if he thinks the tip is too skimpy he may limit the amount of time you get to experience inside the grotto!

To go into the grotto, everybody has to lay down in the boat because the opening is very short. Inside, the water sparkles a brilliant blue, and you can hear the echoes of the guides as they sing away. You get paddled around in the grotto a bit as you marvel at the azul waters. Once back out, you must climb back up the stairs and wait for the next bus to take you back.

In Anacapri, we transferred to the Capri bus and took it to Capri Town. It was another white knuckle ride on the bus, but we did arrive in one piece. Hanging around in Capri Town, we ate a gelato as we gazed into the amazing view and had one of the best slushies ever. It is a little stall near the balcony overlooking the hills and sea - we had a slushie with fresh squeezed orange juice and lemon ice, it was the greatest ever.

Capri is a wonderful island, a world all its own.

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