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Dim Sum, Naan, and Lan Kwai Fong...three things in HK that you don't want to miss!

Dim Sum Photo, Hong Kong, China

While Hong Kong has an array of foods from Asia and the world (see SOHO area even if you don’t like Asian food), you should experience one of Hong Kong’s specialties at least once: Dim Sum. Dim Sum is largely a collection of steamed and fried rolls with meat and veggies inside. There are other Dim Sum dishes, but many Dim Sum dishes appear to be similar color and sizes on the outside - but the insides are filled with yummy meats, veggies or sweets. There are a number of good Dim Sum restaurants around the island, and this food is best eaten with friends, because each dish may have 6-12 pieces of Dim Sum. If there are just two of you, go early in the afternoon and take the extra food back to the hotel room. Dim Sum is not expensive, but it is wonderful. The other cuisine that you cannot miss in Hong Kong is Indian food. I recommend eating in the SOHO area and in Lan Kwai Fong. You will have a great place to party afterwards, and the surroundings are a journal entry that you will never forget.

Speaking of Lan Kwai Fong. If you want Hong Kong nightlife, this is the place. Set on a hillside in the heart of the central district, LKF is close to all the largest hotels on the island, and even if it is a taxi drive away, you need to experience this hot spot on Hong Kong’s main island. LKF, as the local expatriates refer to it, is an area no larger than 2 blocks x 3 blocks, and is Hong Kong’s most prominent music, bar, food and people scene. If you are looking to meet people, hear great music, have a quick bit of wonderful food in an outdoor setting, look no further. And LKF has a couple of wonderful outdoor Indian restaurants. If you see a man outside a restaurant making fried bread on a flat griddle, this is called Naan. Order this disk and enjoy one of the reasons why westerners live in Hong Kong. It is delightful. This is the kind of place that if you enjoy it the first night, you will go back again and again. While the party can get very large on the weekends, LKF, like Honk Kong itself, never sleeps. You will find travelers, locals and expatriates alike roaming the streets, and the dance floors of this party zone.

One word about the music. Hong Kong does have some of its own musical personalities, but many of the bands here are actually from the Philippines. For some reason, musical genes seem to run deep in the heart and sole of the Philippine people, and the music is full of life, energy and youth.

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