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Tres Jolie Spa

Irene getting her manicure Photo, Southbury, Connecticut

Okay girls, get ready for the pampering of your life. Tres Jolie, I say Tres Magnifique. Tres Jolie means very pretty or attractive and I am here to say not only is the spa itself very attractive, you will feel that way yourself when you leave.

I had signed up to receive a body scrub followed by a facial. Between the two it would take approximately 2 hours. My esthesian Bev was waiting for me when I arrived at 12:55. I was led through the massage and spa section (there is a manicure, pedicure section) to her room. I was very impressed already, everything was sparkling white, exceptionally clean and there was the smell of lemon and eucalyptus in the air. All very refreshing. My adventure began with the introduction to their tres sexy black paper underwear which was I was instructed to don , then to lay face down on the table (and a very comfortable table it was).

My skin was then scrubbed with a mixture of aromatic oil and salt. I had been given a towel to use as a privacy shield so I never felt uncomfortably naked. Every effort is made to preserve your modesty and Bev will talk or listen as you prefer. There is soft music playing in the background and if this treatment doesn’t totally relax you, nothing will.

My next stop was the shower to remove the excess salt and oil and when I returned I was directed to the facial table. Facial here includes your hands and feet as well. They are oiled and placed in warm mitts, what a delightful experience. My glycolic face mask made my face glow and even if I didn’t look it, I felt ten years younger.

After dressing I was escorted to the lounge to have a snack and the drink of my choice. They had fresh fruit and cookies and the choice of water, juices or coffee and tea. I sipped a cup of coffee while nibbling on fresh raspberries and pineapple. It was a lovely finish to my experience.

I then went in search of Irene who had completed her massage and was getting a manicure. Because I am prone to migraines I only visited for a minute since the nail polish smell bothered me but we were both very drawn to the pedicure section where ladies were sitting with their feet soaking.

I can’t say enough good things about this spa. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and one that we plan to repeat in the near future. To find out what services they offer you can visit their website. There was no pressure what so ever to purchase any of the products that were used on you but if you are interested they do have a small shop near the receptionist desk. There is even a bowl of chocolates in the waiting area, you have to love a place that offers free chocolate.

Tres Jolie


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