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A Cyclist's Paradise

Italy has developed a consortium of hotels that cater to cyclists, appropriately called, "Italy Bike Hotels." Riccione is located in the Emilia Romanga Region of Italy. It sits on the Adriatic Coast three hours or so south of Venice. A number of US based air lines fly direct to Venice so you can fly there and take the train; or you can fly to Milan but then you should rent a car - the flexibility of having a car offsets the time consuming connections and the cost of a train ticket. The drive from the Milan airport is around 3 hours on well maintained highways. In the two occasions I traveled here I saw or heard a total only three other English speaking tourists. This area is known by the Germans and other Italians, but apparently not many others. This must explain the very reasonable prices. Its much better known neighbor is Tuscany, located a few hours inland. Tuscany gets all the attention, which is fine, but you get the same beautiful scenery and biking with the option of beach based activities as well, for a much lower price.

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