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Rue Royal Photo, Annecy, France

The city of Annecy is one of the most beautiful in Europe. Year around there it is a great place to visit enjoying famous French hospitality. Market day is France countryside answer to the mall; usually it comes once a week, different days in different areas, and is more than buying and selling - it is a happening, a social event, a visual feast. Beautifully laid tables of cheeses, fruits, vegetables, spices, breads, honeys, stalls of meats and fish, not to mention clothes, fabrics, hardware, wine - you got the idea. In Annecy they have three market days – on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. A pleasant way of getting a feel of the old French town is to go for a walk through the colorful market which is held mainly between the Porte Sainte-Claire and Rue du Pont-Morens. In the morning area around Rue Sainte-Claire in Old Town is filled with booths of vendors selling fresh fish, vegetables, and flowers. Here you'll see the best local produce direct from the high mountain pastures: locally produced sausages, tasty pork meats, great cheeses, and pyramids of pots of honey.

There is another interesting market in the heart of the old town, running parallel to the Thiou River. It runs last Saturday of every month, 8am to 5pm and features antiques (size: 150-200 stalls).

The traditional Old Town festival takes place in July. The most important annual event is Fête du Lac (the Lakes Festival) – on the first weekend of August. It attracts people from far and wide with attractions around the lake and great fireworks. Can you imagine the fireworks above the majestic lake with beautiful mountains on the background? The colorful celebration dates back to 1860 after Napoleon III helped liberate Italy from Austria and the Italians rewarded the French by giving them the province of Savoy.

Annecy hosts two annual film festivals. First one, the International Animated Film Festival of Annecy (Festival du film d'animation du Annecy) was created in 1960 and takes place at the beginning of June. Initially occurring every two years, the festival became annual in 1998.

The Annecy Italian Film Festival or "Festival du film italien d'Annecy" takes place in October (Annecy is 50 miles away from the Italian border).

Third film festival runs here every other year - Spanish Film Festival at the end of March (why would they have it here remains mystery for me).

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