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Day 4 - Back to the Beach

May 22, 2005 Today I would be leaving Seattle and heading back home to Panama City, while my Dad would be heading back to Rochester. We got on the Shuttle Express van that would take us to the airport, but we had to stop a few times to pickup other people. The van was completely full. When we arrived at SEA, the traffic was bad at the United/US Airways part of the terminal (first part you come up on at SEA). However once we passed that the traffic was good at the Delta side. We were dropped off between Northwest (my Dad) and Delta (me). As I approached the Delta counter, I saw just how busy they were. It was a madhouse. Usually I prefer to deal with an agent rather than a kiosk, but this time I made an exception. I went ahead and checked in but had to stand their forever waiting for the kiosk agent to print out my baggage tag for my checked bag. It was not a fun experience at this counter…. the small space, the long line for the counter, the kiosks crammed into a small space and the waiting for a bag tag. I just wish Delta would put the kiosks at the counter like most other airlines…certainly would have sped up the baggage checking time. Anyways I got checked in and met up with my Dad to head to our gates. We made it through security quickly, and looked for something to eat, but I really couldn’t find anything that looked interesting or was worth the money. Well we then headed down the A concourse and then we broke away so that he could take the train to Concourse S. I made it to my gate, which was the last gate in Concourse A and had to stand for a while, before boarding called. I was put in Zone 8 because of the bulkhead seat so I was one of the last to board. Delta Flight 528 Seattle, WA (SEA) – Atlanta, GA (ATL) Departure: 12:08pm Arrival: 7:46pm Aircraft: 767-200 Seat: 26C My flight took off on time if not a little early. When we got up to cruising altitude, they started the same beverage/snack service as the first flight. The movie “Because of Winn-Dixie” started to play so pulled out my Pocket PC and watched a few episodes of The Amazing Race 7. Of course as I was watching, my seatmates had to ask me all about my Pocket PC. I told them little about it…they seemed to be mildly amused by it. Anyways they went back to whatever they were talking about (which they did for the entire four and a half hour flight). I listened to some MP3s and watched a show on Delta Horizons and then I pulled out my Pocket PC again as I was bored and decided that I would play Monopoly. By this time they had come around with the snack basket. Got Sun Chips as usual and then finished watching some shows on Delta Horizons. Before I could realize it we were landing in Atlanta. The IFE was still going and still had two shows left as we taxied to our gate. We arrived at gate A25, the same gate that my flight to Seattle departed from. It was almost like all of Seattle was just on the other side of that gate door. I had to move quickly over to D27 to catch my flight back to Panama City. As I got over there they hadn’t started boarding, and luckily for me a Chili’s had been put in Concourse D (I never knew about it) right next to my gate, so I grabbed a to go sandwich to eat on the short flight home. Delta Flight 4241 operated by ASA Atlanta, GA (ATL) – Panama City, FL (PFN) Departure: 8:28pm Arrival: 8:48pm Aircraft: ATR-72 Seat: 14B The flight boarded quickly and as I got on I noticed two women and two young children taking up all of row 15. I was hoping at this point that these kids would be well behaved for this short flight, but it would later turn out to not be good. At first these kids were crying over the fact that they didn’t want to buckle up for takeoff. Finally the mother did find a way with a suggestion from the Flight Attendant. The flight took off on time and soon we were headed towards Panama City. As we reached cruising altitude I pulled out my sandwich to eat, and the mother of the two kids in the row behind me pulled out their food for the kids. Luckily this kept them quiet for a little bit. But then when drink service came around, they started up again, but then luckily the Flight Attendant gave the mom some more tips. The rest of the flight was good as we approached Panama City. As we began to come down low and I could make out some of the stores and areas of the city from the lights, the Flight Attendants started to collect the trash. They were doing this as the plane was diving and making turns. Unfortunately at the same time, those kids were crying again. This time they cried much, much louder and together! It was not good, but as soon as we landed they were quiet again. We got to our gate in Panama City and as I walked into the terminal noticed it was really empty. No one was even there for the next flight to Atlanta. As I walked past the TSA checkpoint I spotted my Mom waiting for me. She was happy to see me and I told her about winning the $750 and everything as I headed over to Baggage Claim. It didn’t take long for my bag to come out and off I headed to the parking lot for the ride home.

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