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Disney's Magical Express Service

Being a travel professional I again find myself in a position where I have to decide whether I want to be 100% truthful with my readers or do I want to in good faith promote my most popular product. I am going to try and find a happy medium between the two while telling you all about DISNEY’S MAGICAL EXPRESS SERVICE

Let me begin with the professional side with an explanation. Disney’s Magical Express Service is a complimentary service available for guests staying on property that allows the resort guests the opportunity to begin their vacation the minute their plane touches down. You don’t need to bother with your luggage or transportation to your resort; Disney will take care of all that for you.

When guests book their Disney vacation in one of the Disney owned and operated resorts, they will have the option of receiving Disney’s Magical Express Service. If you select this complimentary option you will receive special Magical Express luggage tags prior to departing for your vacation, which you simply need to attach to your luggage prior to checking in at your departure airport. Then, when you arrive at the Orlando International Airport, you can skip the baggage claim area and head straight for the Magical Express counter, located on the B side of level 1. From there a deluxe Disney Motor Coach will take you to the Walt Disney World Resorts. So begins your Disney vacation. Your bags will be delivered directly to your room within three hours after your check-in, allowing you time to take a swim, shop or even visit the parks. When your vacation comes to an end, the returning flights work the same way. Your luggage can be checked at your resort prior to leaving for the airport in the Disney-provided motor coach (domestic flights only).

Bypassing airport baggage claim and baggage check-in are an added experience to help you have a stress-free and magical Disney vacation. To receive the Magical Express Service, your vacation must be booked a minimum of ten days in advance. This service does not include pet carriers. You can read more about Disney’s Magical Express Service in vacation planning books like Simply Disney: Vacation Planning Made Easy

Now let me tell you what happened to my family during our 2006 Disney Vacation. Everything was "spot on" from the moment we left our house in Connecticut until after we checked into our room at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Finding the service in the airport was simple; validating the transfer vouchers was just as easy. The wait for the motor coach was fairly short and the ride to the resort was quick and comfortable. We checked into our hotel room at approximately 11am and knowing it could take up to three hours to get your luggage, we began our vacation.

We returned to our room at approximately 2pm and were surprised to find that Magical Express Service "MISPLACED" my daughter’s luggage, and we had only three out of our four bags. My wife spoke with a cast member, Lou, who told her that it was scanned in at the airport but he didn't know where the bag was now. He went on to say that they would find it and we would have it by 5pm. If it had not been forty degrees when we left Connecticut, we would have dressed for the ninety degree weather that we faced that day, and I am certain that my daughter would have been more comfortable in lighter clothing which was inside her luggage. Since we had planned a full schedule for the week, we kept with our plans and continued about our day despite our disappointment. We returned back to the room between 6:30 and 6:45pm because we had dinner reservations at Shutters for 7pm-ish and we wanted to check on the luggage before eating. Surprisingly it was still not there!

This time I went directly to the Customs House and insisted on speaking with a manager. James had a big Disney smile and told us they would work on it and suggested we go and eat and he would see what he could do. I then mentioned we had already heard that story from Lou.

Sadly, it was between 10pm and 11pm before our luggage was brought to our room. Not only did we find our missing bag, but there was also some other AAA member’s bags in my room as well.

In conclusion, although I was disappointed with the service my family and I received from Disney’s Magical Express Service, I still support it and recommend it to every client I book.

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