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Staying a Vegetarian in Sweden

So, you're a vegetarian in Sweden? Well, you're in luck because outside of India, this must be the best country to be a vegetarian because of all the fantastic options.

At the supermarket there are many vegetarian-oriented products to choose from. Quorn is a fungus-based non-meat product that tastes awfully like meat. The Qourn fäs (minced meat) makes excellent fake taco-meat when mixed with taco spices. If you can't read Swedish food labels, there aren't too many meaty surprises waiting for you. Most soups and many sauces will have meat in them. Look for the words fäs (minced meat), kyckling (chicken) and kött (meat) and stay away from those products.

There is usually an organic (ekologisk) section filled with great veggie products. I highly recommend purchasing organic milk (ekologisk mjölk) because it is only slightly more expensive than regular milk. Another great veggie product is drickyogurt, a drinkable yogurt, sometimes with musli.

Vegetarians can also pick up fresh fruits and vegetables in the morning at the central square (Stortorget), where farmers set up little stalls. Prices are usually marked in kilos. Cheap fruits and veggies are also on sale all day at a small store in the alley to the right of Ahlens. No one is completely sure of the name of this shop (it's reckoned to be 'Habibis') because it isn't marked but you'll recognize it by the crates of veggies and fruits outside. There's always a queue to check out in this cheap little shop.

For those eating out, being a vegetarian is rarely an issue if you know what to ask for. If you go out to lunch, most places have lunch specials (dagens rätt). If you see the word 'vegetarisk' then order that of course! Swedes are well-informed about vegetarian needs and won't throw in a bit of lamb for protein. If you have any doubts as to the food, the waiters and waitresses will most likely speak perfect English.

There are some places that are vegetarian and vegan-oriented in Lund. For students, the best place to get a sandwich on Sunday morning is at Smålands Nation on Kastanjegatan. There is no meat on the premises. Sandwiches choices are excellent and include brie and cooked mushrooms, guacamole, and other delicious options. I highly recommend the 'grov' ciabatta, which uses more grains and has seeds on top.

Mejeriet, the concert venue, also has a vegetarian lunch on Sunday. The price is cheap and includes scrumptious bread and soup. If the weather is nice then you can eat out on the patio.

Govinda's, north of Domkyrkan, serves vegan dinners. If you are a student and wish to attend a sittning (formal dinner), you can always request a 'vegetarisk' (pronounced veg (hard G)-a-tar-isk) meal.

If you're coming back late at night from the pub and having a major munchies craving then hit the falafel stand. I recommend the stand across from Ahlens, which serves a small falafel for 15kr during normal hours (the charge is more later at night).

Lund is a very welcoming city for vegetarians. Bon appetite!

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