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Day 2 - Borobudur

Bas Relief at Borobudur Photo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

We have pre-booked the driver to come fetch us from Delta Homestay at 4am. He only turned up around 4.30am. We reached Borobudur Archaeological Park around 5.15am and went straight into Manohara Hotel to register for their 'exclusive' sunrise tour (see my other entry on the tour). Borobudur Temple was one of the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It was built by Sailendra dynasty between 750 and 842 AD; 300 years before Cambodia’s Angkor Wat! The overall height of Borobudur was 42 meters and consists of 10 levels, signifying the accumulation of virtue in the ten stages of Bodhisattva.

We arrived at the foot of Borobudur at 5.30am, just in time for the lovely sunrise. Wasting no time, we climbed straight up to the top level of Borobudur. With the sounds of distant roosters crowing to announce the crack of dawn, dotted with occasional barking of dogs; the horizon changed its colour from orange to yellow to pink and then blue, while the valley perpetually shrouded in the mystic morning fog, the Borobudur sunrise was a perfect symphony of sound and sight. Best of all, you could enjoy the tranquility of this place with the companionship of only a few photography enthusiasts who are crazy enough to pay the exorbitant costs (by Asian standard) just for the sunrise. We even had our picnic breakfast on top of Borobudur, how romantic! The feeling on top of Borobudur was like achieving nirvana, it was totally indescribable. You have to experience it yourself! After the official opening time at 6.30am, crowds of students/tourists started to flood the temple. The sun started to rise higher and the morning fog has vanished. The mystical feeling is gone, despite the monument still look as magnificent as ever. I do highly recommend this sight, especially the sunrise at Borobudur. It was an unforgettable experience.

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