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Part 5: A Perfect End to the Day on Bribie

Sunset over Bongaree Photo, Bribie Island, Queensland

This entry is a continuation of The Summit, Sugar Cane, and Beerwah.

As we stood underneath Beerwah, I pointed out the track, with a few dots moving along it still. I wanted to take her to the base of the mountain, but we just didn't have enough time if we wanted to follow through on our plans for the day.

Fourty minutes later, we were standing in front of Scoopy's Ice Cream (described in my Bribie Island journal) at Bongaree, Bribie Island. We got there by taking the Glass House Mountains tourist route to the Bruce Highway. At Caboolture, we followed the signs to Bribie Island.

Michelle had been to Bribie Island before, but not to this part of it. I had only been once, but I knew enough about Bongaree to know that having an ice cream and sitting and watching the sunset there is just amazing. After debating over the best ice cream flavors, we settled on a cone each and made it out just in time to see the beginning of what would turn out to be a beautiful sunset. Clearly visible from the door of Scoopy's was the jetty, bathed in orange light. It seemed an idyllic scene, complete with children running around and fisherman looking for a bite.

As the birds squawked in the trees lining Bongaree's beach, we walked out to the very end of the jetty. Here, we could see the Pumicestone stretching away from us on both sides, and the mainland of Australia rising to meet the sunset in front of us. Just to the right were the Glass House Mountains. Beerwah and Tibrogargan were obviously the most visible, but we could pick Ngungun out in the fading light as well.

The sunset was more beautiful than the last I'd witnessed on Bribie, and was much more enjoyable to take in because I had a friend to share it with. The few clouds on the horizon were tinged with pink and purple as fishermen in their boats buzzed past on their way to shore. We continually snapped pictures, and even got some friendly people to take one of both of us, until the sun sank behind the mainland.

I can't imagine a more perfect way to end such a great day. As sad as I was to see the sun disappear (which made me realize I would only see that happen one more time before I had to leave the country), the amazing scene made me realize just how lucky I was. I was in a beautiful, diverse land that I loved, enjoying time with a great friend.

It was difficult for both Michelle and I to tear ourselves away from the sunset, even as the colors faded and night set in. As we left, Michelle swore she would come back to Bribie again, and I'll definitely take her up on that the next time I'm in Oz!

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