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Catamaran Sail, Snorkel and Beach

Check out the foot Photo, Cozumel, Mexico

This is a 3 and 1/2 hour tour leaving at 1pm. This allowed us time to do a little shopping, yes I actually bought Al a Panama hat and yes I went back and forth with the shop owner. No I won’t pay $20 I could have bought it cheaper in Key West, I finally settled on $15 and actually that is a lot cheaper than Key west but I’m also sure I should have only paid $10 but I am a pretty pathetic bargainer. On the other hand my friend Richard got his sombrero’s at a very discounted price and they even through in an ankle bracelet for Jackie.

Originally we hadn’t wanted to take the catamaran tour because there was all you could drink beer and Margaritas and we figured it was going to be a bunch of rowdy kids. Well we were half right. There were a lot of rowdy woman and men but most of them were closer to being senior citizens than twenty somethings. It was pretty funny in a pathetic sort of way.

This is the one excursion that I have mixed feelings about. I am very glad we did it because now I know I can snorkel but I would never, and I do mean never do it this way again. The crew was very friendly but since we were not the first ones on the boat we ended up sitting on the cooler all the way out to the reef, there were not enough seats. Then it was chaos, everyone on the deck at one time trying to put flippers on their feet. My masks didn’t fit right and the snorkel was in backwards. Even this I could have gotten around but you can’t drop 100 people into a little tiny area all at once when none of them know what they are doing. My eyes started to burn because my mask was leaking and I couldn’t see anything. My friend Jackie kept getting kicked in the face by the people around her, it was claustrophobia to say the least. Finally, the reef was destroyed by the hurricanes last year and there really wasn’t anything to see. One or two fish swam by until we said yes we wanted our photo taken and then whoosh a bunch flew by us makes for an impressive picture but it is a complete fabrication.

Getting back into the boat with flippers was quite a feat for everyone but now the fun was about to start. We headed out to a private beach where we lay in hammocks and watched the men folk play volleyball. You could horseback ride, kayak, swim or just chill out and the Margaritas and beers were still flowing.

The ride back was more Margaritas and beers, lots of good music and frankly in spite of the awful snorkel experience we considered it a day well spent. People watching after all is a sport of its own.

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