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How I Spent My Barbados Weekend

Never mind that it takes forever to get there, Barbados is a good 4-hour flight from Miami… the most southern point I’ve been to date. The flight down there was beautiful. I’m an island girl myself – I hail from Jamaica, but seeing the beautiful expanse of blue water on the way down there, scattered with a few small islands along the way… just beautiful. My boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of some free accommodations and go visit my mother who was working on the island for a short time. On arrival I thought, this is just like Jamaica… only smaller. Narrow roads, quaint homes… until we decided to drive around the island for a day trip– the island is all of 20 miles tip to tip.

We headed east first and went to the coast… the Atlantic Ocean coast…the most beautiful white sand beach, the crashing waves in the perfectly blue water, I had never seen such a beautiful untouched beach as I did here in Barbados. We proceeded, navigated solely by a map, to our next stop – Harrison Cave. We were driven into the caves by tram. Interesting to me as the caves I’d been to before (Green Grotto, Jamaica; Luray Caverns, USA) were never wide enough for vehicular traffic. It was a nice little tour and geological history of how Barbados came to be.

We continued northwest towards the "Flower Forest" where we wondered through a botanical garden with beautiful plants indigenous to the Caribbean. We ended our day on the west coast just in time for the sunset over the Caribbean Sea. The beaches in Barbados are very accessible to everyone and so you did not have to be staying at one of their hotels to access it. My roommate in college is from Barbados and she always talked about their local fast food joint – Chefette. You see, you won’t find a bunch of McDonald’s or Wendy’s in Barbados. Instead for a fast meal you can enjoy their local burger and chicken joint – Chefette, or, pick any of the local snack places on the beach. The Chefette we ate at was beach side, and eating on the beach watching the sunset was great!

For more formal dining, restaurants abound. Barbados has many different restaurants with a variety of cuisines to choose from. Make sure though that your pockets are deep as Barbados is not a budget vacation spot.

On our last day on the island we decided to take a Catamaran Cruise. This was the jewel of our trip. I highly recommend it! Tiami Catamaran Cruises. We headed out there bright and early Sunday morning where we were greeted by pleasant and organized staff, and a glass of orange juice as soon as we boarded. The music played, we set off on the Caribbean Sea to our first of two snorkeling sights. This was my first time snorkeling, and it was awesome. One sight had shipwrecks, the other turtles. I was swimming with turtles! Hello! Great, and tiring… worked up an appetite and were pleased at the lunch provided on board. Chicken, fish, etc… and not just any fish, the fish that Barbados is known for – Flying Fish. Lunch was great. The day was great. Be sure to wear your sun block please, my boyfriend was roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp on that open water. We headed back to shore in the beautiful sunset of the Caribbean Sea, reggae music playing… we even saw some flying fish… they do actually jump out of the water pretty high.

Barbados is a beautiful, small, relaxing island to visit. Beautiful beaches, very laid back – you won’t find any stores open on a Sunday - with world class restaurants and friendly people. Unspoiled. If this is the kind of vacation you’re looking for, Barbados is it.

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