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Terry and Lander

Terry Lander are actually 2 dormitories, separated by a little strip of land that is occupied by the 1108, a nice little restaurants and convenience store. The food is so-so but they do serve sandwiches and offers a variety of cooked meals.

The rooms are small, but classic dormitory style, with 2 beds to a room. Everyone shares a communal bathroom per floor, and the showers are not very clean, although they do try to clean them at least once a week. The halls are pretty clean. One of the best benefits is the lounge, it's nice and big, and very comfortable. They offer multiple TVs and study rooms if you are looking for a quiet place.

You can also meet a group of people as they have rooms able to accommodate bigger groups. It's a nice experience, but not as nice as some of the other dorms. It also has a major negative as it's located off campus, although right near the ave. It does have busses that stop right in front, so you can get to Seattle right from it front, well downtown Seattle. There are 3 busses that operate express from there.

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