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Some of the diving around Rouseau was beautiful with lots of healthy small fish and turtles. They have a new marine park but no one to police the area so there were fish nets and traps all over the marine reserve on most dives. Unfortunately, the area of reefs that was picked for the reserve has an established fishing village on each end. These families were fishing these waters long before the establishment of the marine reserve. We were very disappointed not to see many parrot fish, angel fish, grouper, snapper, and other medium or large fish. The few we saw were usually in a trap. On one dive, we about swam into a huge net that was meant to catch large creatures - it was around a corner in the marine park. It is hard to find fault with the villagers that need to eat and make a living but it is also sad for the dive community. I would have paid extra toward the marine reserve to help fund someone to police the reserve. And, they need to collect extra funds from divers to go toward a much needed chamber also. We've been to many islands that are much more serious about the preservation of their marine reserves (for example St. Lucia and Bonaire)

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