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Mayberry Days Parade 2006

This year's parade was the best yet! There were the customary Mayberry Patrol Cars, of course. And all the main characters from the show were represented, in costume: Aunt Bea rode in the back of an old car in the rumble seat wearing her pill box hat. Opie and Goober walked together, Goober telling everyone "Hey", and Opie pretending he's going to shoot his slingshot (but we know he wouldn't because Pa wouldn't approve!) Barney had arrested Otis, and they were driving up and down in a golf cart, Floyd was riding with them, too. Howard walked next to them in his suit. The folks just kept going up and down the parade route, so you actually saw them more than once, because they'd leave and come back, leave and come back.

A new entry in this year's parade was The Barney Society - they were great! This group had each individual dressed in a unique costume from different episodes of the show - Barney in the wedding dress when he was pretending to be Charlene to trick Otis T., etc. The real Charlene was in the parade too. She was riding in an old truck with "The Darlings" waving to everyone, she was the A-List star of this year's Mayberry Days! When she saw my little freckle faced son, she looked at him and said "Hi Little Opie!" And The Darlings were playing their good old country mountain music. There were other people dressed an different characters from different episodes - like "The Fun Girls" (remember when Barney took Andy on a blind date to make Helen jealous?) There were also D-List stars from the show that once made an appearance in an episode of the Andy Griffith Show.

The sign on the side of the car they were riding in would identify the episode and the part they played in that show. They really had to search for these people, I think. There was even one that was a relative of someone that had been on one episode of the show. We joked that next year, anyone that even watched the show would have their own entry in the parade! It was a really fun, entertaining parade, and we completely enjoyed it. The parade lasted about 45 minutes. After the parade, we walked around downtown and in the shops on Main Street. The crowd hung around longer this year than last year because there was so much more to do. Every store was again playing a version of "The Fishing Hole" (the Andy Griffith Show theme song. Some were just whistling, some sang the actual lyrics. The downtown cinema had live country blue grass music bands playing for free. Some stores had live country music sidewalk bands playing too. It was a very fun day! As we were walking back to the car in the residential area, we passed the Opie impersonator going the other way. My son said "Hey Opie" and Opie said "Hey" back.

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