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The Town of Westport

Pirate Ship at Westport Photo,

Westport is known mainly as a fishing community. It is an ocean side community filled with antique stores, historic areas, quaint restaurants, and enjoyable little shops. There are lots of outdoorsy things to do here like: clam dig, scuba dive, whale watch, kite flying and bird watching.

Westport was our third stop of the day because I wanted to see what this town had to offer. Our trip consisted of looking inside a few shops, looking at the outdoor exhibits at the Maritime Museum, and seeing the Pirate ship that was docked at Westport for their town festival. We decided this town didn’t have too much to offer or see besides the beachfront and the tallest Washington Coast Lighthouse.

Personally I wouldn’t want to stay at too many of the motels in Westport because most of them are old and very poorly cared for. There are new homes that are being built on the beachfront and possibly that will stir up more business for the town, later down the road.

This town doesn’t get many visitors wanting to shop in the winter time due to the weather conditions so this leaves many shop owners wanting to sell their businesses. The Ocean at Westport is known for being rough but it’s still a great place for fishing. The summer time draws in crowds looking for the ocean and a change of pace. This is a nice place to visit but it’s not a very desirable place to stay.

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