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Niagara Falls Area

Entrance to Incline Railway Photo, Niagara Falls, Ontario

If this is not an experience of its own then what is?

There are so many little things to see and enjoy without paying for any of the touristy attractions. The Falls Incline Railway (originally named the Horseshoe Falls Incline) for example is the last operating example of what they used to call funiculars. The trip takes under a minute and costs $1 Canadian for adult and .50 for children. It is located at 7400 Portage Road, (Niagara Parks Commission), Niagara Falls, L2E6T2. It is extremely convenient to take this to the Falls area from the big hotels and resorts. It is a ride from the street above to the Table Rock Center below. The facts say that it began ferrying passengers in 1966. The Clifton Hill area is another experience that can be had without a cost if you are not swayed by the glitter. However if you want to partake of the mini golf and bowling and rides and wax museums, you can get a multi attraction pass for about $20 Canadian. The Oaks Garden Theater is and attraction of a different type in that is is beautiful and free for the enjoyment of everyone. It is bordered on two sides by the intersection of Falls Blvd. and Clifton Hill. It hosts concerts in the summer and provides a formalized entry to Queen Victoria Park. The Niagara Parks Commission People Mover is a shuttle bus system on the Canadian side of the Falls. This along with hotel shuttles is the way to get around Niagara unless you are going out of town on a day trip.

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