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Highlights and Drawbacks

- Having my own apartment, even if I'm still figuring out some of its quirks
- Figuring out pretty quickly how my shower works-- what a feeling of victory!
- Having a TV, even if it functions as a radio most of the time now
- Having 2 balconies, creating a cross breeze so I don't need the air conditioner (but it's cool to have one all the same)
- Having an apartment that overlooks the presidential parade route-- I saw President Karimov's motorcade pass twice yesterday
- Being close to the metro
- Having a bird live in one of my windows, with her nest and eggs
- Being more or less adopted by the Niyazovs, even though I don't live with them, and by Bahodir. I can't stress enough what wonderful people they are
- Learning "yes", "no", "ok", "moon" and to count to 10 while walking from my apartment to the Niyazovz with Bahodir

- Finicky, uncooperative plumbing
- Finicky, uncooperative locks
- Not being able to speak Russian well, and only knowing how to count to 10 in Uzbek, as well as knowing "yes", "no", "ok", "thank you", "hello", "moon" and "May peace be with you"

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