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The Granny Rapper Photo, Brisbane, Australia

One of the most important aspects of the Ekka is the food you eat while you are there. Whilst overpriced, like all shows, it’s hard not to be tempted by some of the huge selection offered here—plus, it’s all part of the Ekka experience! It just wouldn’t be the same to take a packed lunch, even if it would be cheaper and slightly more filling!

One of the Ekka legends is the Strawberry Sundae. Essentially just a square of strawberry ice cream in a small cone with whipped cream and a strawberry on top, it’s a great $3 treat and something everyone has to try. I enjoyed it, although I didn’t see anything hugely different about it compared to other strawberry ice creams. The most difficult part about eating one was the strawberry on top—how do you eat around it so you can save the best for last?

Another food item you see everywhere around the Ekka is the Dagwood Dog. I was considering getting one, since I had never had a Dagwood Dog before, until I realized that it was just a corn dog. Both Michelle and later James were amazed by this revelation—apparently they had both heard of corn dogs in American movies but never had an idea as to what they were!

The place in the Ekka where we ended up eating the most was in the International Food Village. Here, there were (I think) around sixty different booths hawking food from around the world. The one that got my attention was the “Corn on the Cob and Lemonade” booth. Since when is corn on the cob an international food? I can understand lemonade, since if you asked for that in Australia (or, like my friend, on a flight to Australia), you’d get Sprite instead. Even though there were a lot more delectable choices on hand (churros for one), we opted for this “international” booth, mainly because I was craving lemonade, one of my favorite drinks that I had gone three months without, and Michelle wanted a taste of America while she was out with an American.

Michelle was very amused by what happened when we walked up to the booth. I simply started asking for what I wanted, and the guy behind the counter, who also had an American accent, cut in and asked “Oh, where are you from?” When I told him Texas, he started talking about how much he liked the southern accent. Michelle just thought it funny how excited he was to see another American!

The lemonade wasn’t the best I’d ever had, but it certainly hit the spot. The corn on the cob was roasted and buttery—the best way to have it!

As we enjoyed our international cuisine, we sat in the Village’s seating area, just in front of a little stage. This is where various performances had been going on during the day, including salsa and break dancing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get anything of the kind when we were watching—instead, we got the Granny Rapper. This 65-year-old lady was on the stage with her son rapping about the dilemmas of being a senior citizen. Needless to say, it was… interesting, and as soon as we finished our food we left.

Later, we went back to the Village to get a dessert, in the form of Dippin’ Dots. I was really surprised to see it, since it covers a relatively small area even in America. When we walked up and the people serving started explaining it, and I said that I had had it in America, they were absolutely fascinated. They wanted to know everything about Dippin’ Dots in America, and I didn’t have much I could tell them, other than the fact that they had a lot more flavors than I’ve ever seen before! As soon as we walked up and started talking, it seemed like a swarm descended on the booth, so we couldn’t talk for very long though.

Michelle got her favorite flavor, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, which was vanilla Dippin’ Dots with crumbled Oreo cookies, and I got a flavor I’d never tried before—Strawberry Cheesecake. It was definitely the best flavor I’ve ever had!

By this point, we were running out of money, so we didn’t get to taste any more of the flavors of the Ekka. We could have gone into the fresh food market or tasted any number of things throughout the International Pavilion, but I think we had a nice mix of both Aussie and American for the day!

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