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Thunder Bay Canada

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After enjoying the afternoon at Grand Portage we decided to keep heading North into Canada. The border crossing is about 5 miles from Grand Portage but takes about 20 minutes to cross if you are an American, well at least that is our experience. We were drilled pretty hard at the border crossing and they asked to see our license and our sons birth certificate. After finally getting the okay to cross we headed towards Thunder Bay. Thunder Bay is about an hour or so from the border (it's kinda fuzzy since things are in the metric system there and I lost track) Anyways once we got to Thunder Bay we were a little disappointed with our experience. From the little was (which was not really very much since we had a long drive back) we were not that impressed and it looked just like a town in the US it had a Sears, Old Navy, Home Depot, and many other US stores.

There were a few things that made you feel like you were in a different place. The Canadian flag was out in several places. In the grocery store you had to pay a quarter to get a cart. This was pretty interesting since I did not expect anything like that. A lady gave me a quarter to get a cart. After spending time driving around and looking for interesting Canadian things we decided to eat at Taco Time. Go figure being the Texas people that we are.

That was a great experience, the girls that waited on my husband asked if he had a gun because he was from Texas. Pretty interesting what people think of Texans. After a disappointing trip around Thunder Bay we headed back out. Heading out of Canada at the border was near as painful as coming in. It was actually really easy and fun.

Things I would suggest:
1. Make sure you have all your identification with you. I am not sure if everyone gets drilled the way we did but it sure helps to have all your ducks in a row and be prepared.
2. If you can spend more time you might find more interesting things in Thunder Bay. We only had a few hours and were really rushed.
3. Don't eat at Taco Time. We had a hard time deciding where to eat and it was not that great.

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