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PNC From the Best to Worst Seat

When I arrived at PNC I was excited and I had high expectations from some of the things I had heard about the stadium, but at the same time I had been disappointed by stadiums so many times that I was prepared for a let down. The area I normally am disappointed with is the ability to watch a baseball game with ease. It seems that for some reason baseball stadiums are not built to watch a baseball game, but maybe watch the left fielder chew sunflower seeds or see the guys in the bullpen shoot water balloons at the camera men. If you think I am joking on that one I’m not, just stay tuned to my reviews and you will learn all about that when we make our way to the West Coast. As for watching the game at PNC, this was the biggest surprise of the day.

Whenever I go to a new stadium I always make it a point to check out the ability to watch a game from the best to worst seats in the house. PNC was constructed with a baseball fan in mind and to this point I have not found a stadium that has done better yet. First of all the average MLB stadium seats about 50,000 and PNC decided that since they do not have the largest fan base in the game they could make their place a little smaller. So they decided to bring the max capacity in at slightly less than 40,000. This move allowed them to do some really interesting things. First of all this move allowed a stadium that will have a hard time selling out to feel like it has more fans on a regular basis. Now that is something that benefits the team, but it is in other areas where they helped out the average fan.

Here is what made this place the best in the business. First of all the smaller stadium allowed them to make the rows wider and give everyone more leg room. I’m not that tall of a guy, but I will take everything I can get. Second of all every seat is angled toward home plate. Back in the 70’s when teams were building multi purpose stadiums that could be used for baseball and football everything looked straight ahead. For some reason teams are still doing this even though they are building baseball only stadiums. PNC did not make the same mistake. Another very interesting attribute is that the game can be seen from the stadium concourse and concessions. I don’t mean by watching it on a 13” television like at all other stadiums, but I mean by looking out at the field while you wait on your nachos.

No matter where the seat is at PNC you will feel closer to the action, you can even go way down the lines in the upper seats and still feel closer than most other stadiums. There are at least 25 teams in baseball that need to sign up the architect of PNC, because he has built a masterpiece. You might as well just call him the Picasso of baseball stadiums.

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